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Our expertise is founded on our personal hands-on experience managing global content as content authors, linguists, publishing managers, and language service providers. This unique outlook gives us insights into two worlds of content management: that of a client and that of a service provider.



Our cross-disciplinary approach to assessing each client’s situation allows a complete perspective of the underlying content ecosystem and its maturity. In addition, this ensures prioritization of the right focus areas and enables a feasible as well as balanced strategy that works for you.



As consultants, we wear the hat of an unbiased party. Our objectivity allows us to remain a proactive sounding board and effective advisor. It also empowers you to weigh all your options to make better business decisions. Staying objective is key to setting good goals and defining a meaningful strategy.



We have been clients and service providers throughout our personal careers. Therefore, we understand that mutual trust is essential for a healthy business relationship. We earn your trust through honest and transparent advice. Moreover, we are patient and flexible because we care about you and our mission.



We have personally been in your position and understand that confidence in our abilities is crucial for earning your business. In addition, we build confidence by delivering professional, competent, and consistent services. Our experience and expertise mean peace of mind to our clients.



We believe that by being authentic in our interactions and adhering to our mission as consultants, we will remain a reliable partner for you. Our promise to offer insights, maintain perspective, stay objective, earn trust, and build confidence enables consistent performance and results.

Who We Are

We are a consulting firm with a passion for Global Content Management (GCM). Our mission is to enable small and large organizations to create better global content. We provide personal insights and industry knowledge.

What We Do

We offer consulting services and learning opportunities to support global content management activities. Simply put, we provide advice, assistance, and knowledge to enable you to effectively manage the global content life cycle.

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  • Picea Consulting Services LLC
    19550 Amber Meadow Drive
    Suite 130
    Bend, OR 97702
  • +1 971-323-0222

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