GCM Strategy Development

GCM Strategy Development involves our unique methodology that establishes an effective and appropriate strategy for managing your global content. Moreover, our cross-disciplinary approach ensures that you receive a tailored GCM strategy that considers your specific challenges, constraints, existing capabilities, and overall objectives. This solution category and its focus areas are also the foundation for our supplemental consulting services and learning opportunities.

Enabling Asset Development

Enabling Asset Development is a value-adding solution category that we provide as a standalone offering and as a component of GCM Strategy Development. Enabling assets add critical authoring and localization practices that establish a managed and mature GCM environment. Our solutions include the development of language style guides, terminology glossaries, authoring guidelines, authoring vocabularies, and other enabling assets to elevate your current authoring and localization practices.

LSP Sourcing Support

LSP Sourcing Support is a procurement support solution that leverages our extensive experience with the language service industry and its practices. This service applies unique industry insights and assists you with your Language Service Provider (LSP) selection. We can develop sourcing specifications, design supplier questionnaires, advise on pricing strategies and performance metrics, and facilitate an RFx event on your behalf, including LSP response evaluation and recommendations.

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